2) TaniHub. Farmbrite www.farmbrite.com is a full service platform that can help track tasks, livestock, crops, resources, contacts/customer base/vendors, farm maps, accounting/financial data, and A new platform helps farmers who have planted woodland to earn additional income from selling carbon credits. The collected data can be processed centrally using IoT agriculture You can collect and log detailed information on a per-field basis This training will enable the participants to establish and manage field schools for farmers with a selected group of farmers throughout the agricultural calendar period of the Localized And Farmer Friendly. The farmer gets 40% of the profit, the investor gets another 40% and Farmcrowdy takes 20%. YouTube is the most popular social media platform for Kings County, California. The e-agriculture platform facilitates easy and fast communication with extension agents and fellow farmers. Women farmers are crucial stakeholders in the Indian agriculture sector, with 70 per cent of the countrys rural households primarily dependent on agriculture for their livelihood (FAO, 2021). #11. The nurture.farm app offers around 20,000 pieces of equipment belonging to over thirty various kinds of farm machinery like tractors, harvesters, combines, etc., making it a The company is training farmers to sell their produce online, building a fast and low-cost logistics platform for agricultural products, and investing in food safety, precision farming, Inventory Management: Farmers can track and manage the flow of farm goods from the manufacturers to warehouses. The user can also track the storage of the farm produce. Labor Management: Precision Agriculture Software allows the user to monitor the personnel productivity. This digital

Porkmoney is Nigerias first agricultural investment technology platform that focuses on pig farming and its value chain. TaniHub is a business-to-business network that connects farmers with companies that utilize or sell agricultural goods. How to connect? Techno Brain has partnered with Microsoft Corporation to launch a Digital Agriculture Platform in Africa to help farmers improve crop yields and increase income. 15 September 2021, New Delhi: Cisco, along with industry partner Quantela, has developed Agriculture Digital Infrastructure (ADI) solution, which includes hardware and There is a visible need for an open, scalable, integrating platform, that democratises access to Agri Cloud computing technology will also be very helpful to centralize all-agricultural related data banks (soil-related, weather, crop, farmers, technology, agriculture marketing, fertilizers and In 2015, it launched the Climate FieldView 10/7/2021. Its goal is to help farmers around the world upgrade their capabilities to operate in a digital world and maximize efficiencies per acre. Founders: Edwin Setiawan, Ivan Arie Sustiawan, The Digital Agriculture Platform aims at gathering experiences and pilot projects in each agricultural sector, and at working on indicators and milestones and at collecting all relevant results and data (under confidentiality clause as necessary) to evaluate the outcomes and benefits of the digitisation of agricultural sectors in each case and f Locally owned RELM Group Australia is taking the next step into the digital agricultural farm machinery, livestock, rural property sales and finance WeFarmUp, a platform for the sharing of equipment among farmers, is the latest example in the world of agriculture. It democratizes decades of Farmcrowdy plans to expand into markets in west and east Africa. ERP Platform. FarmLogs. Show more Digital platform for chicken farming ML driven, AI powered ALL-IN-ONE platform Tracking food from farmers to consumers Show more Digital Farm Management Integrated The platform was designated in 2004 for various AG stakeholders. The mandate of e-NAM, being This case study looks at a variety of African agricultural platform providers and more closely at three platform models: bank-led (First City Monument Bank in Nigeria), fintech

The ICAR with its 113 research institutes and 716 KVKs are geared up to enhance the competitiveness of Indian farming to make farming a viable, self-sustaining and Choose a Farm. FarmERP software platform is the most advanced, successful and best farm management software platform being widely used globally for the farm, farmer, procurement, processing, supply Digital platforms can host multiple service providers, working to offer end-to-end services to drive transformation in agricultural markets and impact for SHFs, while decreasing Its an app for farmers market, it helps identify and prioritize crop damage to address problem areas needing immediate attention. Upstart University A platform initially developed by Bright Agrotech for beginning farmers, savvy entrepreneurs, and novices FarmLogs is a farm management app, designed to help farmers execute their grain marketing decision. AkerScout. The platform makes provision for faster and swift business It targets farmers, product providers, retailers, food processing companies, professional agronomic advisors. Pinduoduo deepens agricultural digital inclusion efforts Diversity Traditionally, it would take millions of dollars to invest in a variety of farms and crops. $15,000 Minimum - Available to Accredited Investors. An agribusiness marketplace (this is the term AFN and its parent company AgFunder uses to refer to these businesses; theyre also variously known as online ag marketplaces, e Their basic tenet is that stakeholders depend on one Spotted: The British government has launched a wide variety of Mercy Corps AgriFin has partnered with GIZ and Dalberg on a Digital Platforms for Agriculture Growers Edge, a provider of data-driven financial technology (fintech) solutions for the agricultural industry, has announced the launch of a fully A High Profit Potential Organic Conversion Project.

The Agriculture platform is a platform for collecting and analyzing data from agricultural enterprises indicating geographic coordinates to optimize their work. Agrilinks is an Agricultural platform, connecting small scale-farmers and producers to potential buyers on the digital market. farmers who took time away from their work to speak with us. The CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture is where information becomes power: power to predict, prescribe, and produce more food, more sustainably. 0. With the passing of the three farm bills, plans are afoot to launch an e-marketplace of sorts for agricultural produce. Urban Agriculture and Innovation Production (UAIP) competitive grants initiate or expand efforts of farmers, gardeners, citizens, government officials, schools, and other 15.03% Projected IRR 24.26% ROI 11.30% Annual Cash Farmers can use the information collected by drones to make informed decisions about fertilizer and pesticide use. They offer various business advantages, including a way to buy and sell goods and services, easier access to abounding information, fresh opportunities, and choices. $15,000 Minimum - Available to Accredited Investors. Changing the Face. The app platform As part of the research within the MIT Sloan School of Management Food Supply Chain Analytics & Sensing (FSAS) Initiative, Prof. Yanchong (Karen) Zheng and her coauthors However, there is limited amount of November 28, 2018. "NaPanta is a vernacular digital agricultural platform to address the Inefficiencies in pre-harvest management for residue free agri produce with superior market Determine what best fits your interest from range of opportunities on our platform as a member. 320-LLA 500 lb capacity, 0.1 lb resolution and 27 x 60 platform.

Historically, it has been difficult for these In order to operate the platform effectively, poor electric power supply and Agrian. Farmers database and Agriculture-Extension app data will be accessible on the Agriculture Advisory Dashboard to be developed in the form of data visualization and analysis A new national agricultural innovation platform was introduced in African countries to help farmers adopt soil fertility management practices. Designed for farmers, dealers, agronomists, and input suppliers who need to gather and consolidate key operational information, the Topcon Agriculture Platform (TAP) brings By: Duncan Mboyah. The scales Editor, TRANSFIN. Through reaping its benefits, Farmers can use an internet agricultural e commerce platform to manage inventory, sales data, and product deliveries, among other things. This software for agriculture primarily focuses on precision and sustainability, analytics, agronomic planning, food safety compliance. As farming gets more digital, tech savvy farmers are craving tools that can help them do their jobs more efficiently and better. In the last year, the program has SAI Platform is an organisation created by the food industry to communicate and to actively support the development of sustainable agriculture involving stakeholders of the food chain. The mobile Designed for farmers, dealers, agronomists, and input suppliers who need to gather and consolidate key operational information, the Topcon Agriculture Platform (TAP) brings connectivity to every phase of the farming cycle, automating the data workow, so users can focus on action. Digital Platforms have the potential to transform smallholder agriculture into a more inclusive, sustainable, and commercially viable endeavor. Any U.S. resident can invest as little as $100 to the trust, which helps a farmer get the capital needed to State of the Sector: Agri-Insurance for Smallholder Farmers. 15.03% Projected IRR 24.26% ROI 11.30% Annual Cash Technology and new digital tools are helping farmers use more precise amounts of PorkMoney. [NAIROBI Kenya has launched 14 mobile applications to help farmers transfer technologies that enhance agricultural productivity and trade. In addition, our farmers are able to advertise their produce online, says Kondwani Mponela Mwandila, a government Agricultural Extension Development Officer, for Chipala EPA, A High Profit Potential Organic Conversion Project. Initiated by the G20 and generously The platform launched in 2016 and was designed to provide small independent farmers, ranches and fisheries with access to capital. Bushel. Crops Organize, Visualize and Make Better Crop Management Decisions Designed for farmers, dealers, agronomists, and input suppliers who need to gather and consolidate key operational Agrorite is a technology driven platform that enables small holder farmers with finance, advisory Handling more than 10 agricultural commodities including cocoa, sesame, cashew, ginger, Andrew Here is the list of some popular e-marketplaces for agriculture that already caught the attention of farmers and their clients: WhatsGood - online marketplace for farmers and Since launching in 2018, Ez Farming has mobilized about 600 micro-lenders and got to invest over $600,000 in about 120 small holder farmers who are also scaling very fast. Agriculture is the main source of income for several hundred million people around the world who struggle with poverty and hunger, most of whom are connected to small-scale, or smallholder, The Steward Farm Trust is considered a crowdfarming platform. of Agriculture Digitally. Whether sharing personal stories or using the sites as news sources, farmers are making their presence known online. FarmAfield has A follow up to our 2018 Protecting Growing Prosperity report, we take stock of the current state of agri-insurance for smallholder An agriculture trading platform is a great way to ease farmers way into a broader agriculture technology ecosystem without marketing effort. The mandate of e-NAM, being administered by SFAC, which is a registered society of the ministry of agriculture & farmers' welfare, is to provide a digital platform integrating physical wholesale . Spotted: The British government has launched a wide variety of A new platform helps farmers who have planted woodland to earn additional income from selling carbon credits. Gurugram-based agritech startup Krishify, a mobile app -only networking platform dedicated to the farming community, is one such enabler with a user base of six million farmers Innovation platforms are fast becoming part of the mantra of agricultural research for development projects and programmes. This list compiles . Farmers rent out some of their equipment via the site, in order to obtain a Welcome to FARMERERP. Buyers will create an account The Series 320A has two product offerings: 320-ALP 500 lb capacity, 0.1 lb resolution and 22 x 44 platform. The platform is deployed at our farm in Hyderabad, India and the cultivation site is known as a digital farm. Revolutionising Agriculture Through Smart Innovations. FarmBeats: AI, Edge & IoT for Agriculture. MarketGalee offers best trading platform and online marketplace where farmers can buy/sell Spices, Fruits, Vegetables, Seeds, Fertilizer, Pesticides, Sprayers and other agricultural Named Krishi Setu, this platform will be Several studies have demonstrated the need to significantly increase the worlds food production by 2050. Since launching in 2018, Ez Farming has mobilized about 600 micro-lenders and got to invest over $600,000 in about 120 small holder farmers who are also scaling very fast. Gil Gullickson. FarmERP is a powerful and easy-to-use farm management software platform that assists agricultural stakeholders across the entire Capital, Tenure & Guarantee To be the foremost agric-tech agricultural Speaking to Farms.com, the NDPs federal agriculture critic, MP Alistair MacGregor, discussed his partys agricultural platform heading into Election 2021. 10 Platforms That Are Helping Farmers Succeed. With just a few clicks, farmers can enter a description, photos and videos of their agricultural machinery, equipment or livestock straight from the ute or home office. The fundamental driver for the digital farm is the availability of smart machines and But acting on three key insights can unleash the The India Agricultural Platform (IAP) will accelerate sectoral transformation. The goal of the project is to prepare and advance the necessary The A sustainable intensification of agriculture is particularly needed in the tropics, where FAO is involved in the Tropical Agriculture Platform (TAP). The promise of digital agriculture to boost farmers income and enhance food system resilience remains largely unrealized. Digital Agriculture Services caters to growing appetite for rural, agri and climate risk intelligence that puts science in the hands of decision makers including rural real estate, investors, lenders, As a body of the think tank Farm Europe, the Digital Agriculture Platform offers the opportunity to reflect upon and to strengthen the means of action offered to its members on This app is the Introducing the Digital Agriculture Platform Blueprint Series with GIZ & Dalberg. Historically, agricultural investments like cattle have only been accessible to investors with significant capital, vast industry expertise, and direct connections to producers. Immigrants from across Africa have started to learn what crops grow here: Liberian bitter ball, white eggplants, water greens, okra and amaranth. B2B This list compiles 10 of the most useful apps in Published August 25, 2021. We came across the innovative The Maano- Virtual Farmers Market (VFM) which is an app-based e-commerce platform designed with farmers needs in mind. Select a rate and contact us using the form below. #11. The "BSB Smart Farming" Project is a jointly funded project by the EU and Black Sea Basin 2014-2020 joint operational program. We also wish to thank the team at Course5i Megha Sheth, Rushi Amin, Varun Vig Report 3: Platforms in agricultural value The main goal of the project is to strengthen the capacity of the decentralized institutions of the Ministry of Agriculture to support smallholder market-oriented agricultural